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*About the Artist:

{“I have two very young children and Elizabeth was incredibly patient with them.  My one year old son was not in a good mood … but somehow she still got amazing pictures of him individually and of our family!  Our family pictures… experience was wonderful.  I would recommend Elizabeth to anyone!!” -J. A. Rudolph Family}

I first became passionate about photography when I was 12 years old, when my youngest brother was born.  I had a vast aspiration to capture every small detail of his life.

This enthusiasm for capturing life’s fleeting moments, continued on in my life and increased even more when I became a Mother.  You see, I have been on “the other side”;  taking my babies to inexperienced photographers at department stores, where they do not custom edit or offer a boutique studio experience.  When you are entrusting someone to capture these tiny, precious details of your babies, it is important for them to be as passionate about it as you are! 

As a Blessed Mother of 8 incredible children (and wife to 1 amazing husband), I understand completely what it feels like to hold a newborn baby in your arms for the first time, and cry from the incredible joy and privilege that you feel to be entrusted to care for this amazing little person.  It’s so important to capture THE JOYS of Life!

 I am PASSIONATE about creating priceless, MASTERPIECES for your family to treasure! 

 I’d love to meet your amazing family, and work with you to document the remarkable relationships, and special personalities of your incredible family members.    


 *Random Facts about Me:

1. My nickname as a child was “LILY” because my older sister {at age 2} was unable to say “Elizabeth“.  It is also my daughter’s middle name and my favorite flower.

2.  I am a Party Planner: I Love throwing parties

Elizabeth lives in Tricities, Washington.
Elizabeth is a fabulous photographer! She captures that magical shot of your family every time!!”
-A. German Family

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