“{Elizabeth} takes Amazing {baby} photos and we Absolutely LOVE them!!!” -B. K. Orton Family

Baby Sessions: Thank you for choosing Lily Photography by Elizabeth to capture these amazing memories of your sweet little one.  Babies are so amazing!  They grow, change and learn so quickly.   Each one of their amazing milestones, deserves to be captured on camera!  I know personally from having my babies, that you just want to hold onto each stage, as long as possible.  You don’t want your baby to grow up!  But by photographing them You Can hold onto their uniqueness! 

I want to help you remember how your precious baby looked and their sweet, cuddly, tiny little features.  I want to create precious, tangible pieces of art that when you look at them; (when they have grown) it brings you back to when they were that small; and you will remember how they smelled, and how it felt to hold, cuddle, and tickle your sweet baby in your arms.  

 *FAQ’s for Baby Sessions:

 When should I schedule my session?

Babies change so rapidly, especially in the first two years, so it is important to capture their many changing looks, personality and milestones. Because of the big difference only a few months makes for babies, some recommended times to get portraits are: three months, six months, nine months, twelve months, and eighteen months. 

 How long does the session last?

There will be plenty of time, during the session, to feed and change the baby (make sure you bring the necessary supplies).  Also make sure to bring baby in, with a full-stomach, and in a clean diaper, if possible.  Make sure that we do not schedule it during baby’s nap time, because a well-rested baby, is much happier, and easier to photograph.  The baby sets the tone of the session, and the session typically last about 1 hour. 

 What should my baby wear?

In regards to baby’s apparel, think of the style of baby portraits you would like, and choose baby’s clothing from there (you can bring 2-3 outfits).  I will help you choose, which outfits photograph best (if needed).  I have outfits, wraps, accessories, hats, and props that I will use for your baby. 

 What should we bring?

You are encouraged to bring any special items that you would like to include with the portraits, such as blankets, toys, heirlooms, etc; that are important to your child. 

 I want you to be at ease and comfortable.  Your baby’s comfort is very important!  We heat or cool the studio, to suit your baby’s needs.  Being a parent of small children myself, I have a lot of experience with babies.  Please let me know if you have any special needs or requests, and I look forward to meeting and working with your little one(s)! 


*Please take a moment and help me prepare for your session.

{Baby Session Questionnaire}

Also: {Schedule Client Inquiry Questionnaire}

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