{What are Clients saying about Lily Photography by Elizabeth?}
We had Elizabeth take our family pictures and the experience was wonderful.  I have two very young children and Elizabeth was incredibly patient with them.  My one year old son was not in a good mood from the minute we started the session, but somehow she still got amazing pictures of him individually and of our family!  I don’t know how she did it!  She brought special props and things for the kids that really helped out and enhanced {the photos}.  The pictures turned out even better than I had imagined they would be!  It was a wonderful experience all around and I would recommend Elizabeth to anyone!!”
-J. A. Rudolph Family

Elizabeth is a fabulous photographer! She captures that magical shot of your family every time!!”
-A. German Family


“I seriously LOVE the newest pictures {Elizabeth} took!  They are incredible. {Elizabeth} has such a talent.”
-Amanda C.

The pictures turned out beautifully!  I love the posing and the lighting.  {Elizabeth has} an artistic eye for photographing people.  I really appreciate how well {Elizabeth} worked with my children, even when they didn’t cooperate.  I love our family pictures!”
-M. Martin Family


“The session {Elizabeth} did with my family was fabulous! The kids were really at ease with {her} and the pictures turned out great! I loved the props {that she} brought…they added such a whimsical element (and the kids felt so special). {We had such} a great time {with} a wonderful result!”
-K. Dunlap Family


“{Elizabeth} has a really good eye for posing; to make the pictures very artistic.  {Elizabeth’s} props are really creative.  {Elizabeth} has incredible prices… {I love} all of the wonderful pictures!”
-Angela G. D. Family


“The {pictures} are sooo cute.  We appreciate {Elizabeth’s} kindness and willingness to work with {our newborn twins}.  We love {Elizabeth’s} work!”
-T. Adams Family

{I was so} impressed with the maternity photos {that Elizabeth} did for me.  I really love them!  They look like something that came out of a magazine.  I am so happy with them!”
-Summer C.

I LOVE all of {our} pictures!  {Elizabeth is} so talented and we had SO much fun with {her}!  Thanks again!”
-A. S. Lester Family

The {Maternity} pictures turned out so great; we love them!  We love the Baby photos; they are so adorable!!  We really enjoyed it, and had a lot of fun {with Elizabeth}.  {Elizabeth} takes Amazing photos and we Absolutely LOVE them!!!  Thank you!”
-B. K. Orton Family


“AMAZING Pictures!!!  Thank you so much!”
-T. Biggs Family


“I am LOVING all of the pictures!  Thanks again for the Beautiful pictures!”
-D. Decker Family


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