“{I was so} impressed with the maternity photos {that Elizabeth} did for me.  I really love them!  They look like something that came out of a magazine.  I am so happy with them!”  -Summer C.

Maternity Sessions: Congratulations on your pregnancy and your upcoming new arrival!  Thank you for choosing Lily Photography by Elizabeth to capture beautiful portraits of this fleeting, special moment in time.  Pregnancy is a miraculous event.  It’s so incredible to create life inside of your body, and to feel that baby move and kick!  It’s important to capture a glowing mama’s beautiful experience with her growing baby. 

I know that sometimes you feel uncomfortable, with your growing body, and don’t feel as beautiful as you really, truly are.  But if you come and do a session with me, I promise that together we will create gorgeous, amazing photographs that you and your child will treasure forever.  Every child wants to see a photo of their Mother, pregnant with them.  So do this session for yourself, to remember this beautiful experience; but also for your child.

 *FAQ’s for Maternity Sessions:

 When should I schedule my session?

The best time to schedule your maternity session is between 30 to 36 weeks.

 What should I wear?

You are encouraged to bring a variety of outfits (based on the style of portrait you would like), that I can review with you, to select the exact feel you want for your maternity session.   I will help you choose, which outfits photograph best (if needed).   Some possible choices are robes, solid shirts, button up shirts, jeans and skirts.  You can also bring undergarments in solid, neutral colors, or black/white.  Tight fitting shirts (to show belly) with a well-fitting jacket, or a flowing dress are also good choices. 

If Dad, children or others will be included in the portraits, please bring a coordinating outfit for them as well.  1. When deciding what to wear for family portraits pick out a bold pattern to start with, then add simple pops of color to support the outfit. The goal is to coordinate, not match. 2. The 3 color pop rule: Coordinate, do not match, meaning pick 3 colors and have everyone wear a variation of them!  Simplicity and solid colors work best. 

 How long does the session last?

Our sessions are never rushed, so you can be relaxed, at ease, have fun and be comfortable in showing your true self.  Sessions typically last from about 1 to 1 1/2 hours.

 It is important to me that you be at ease and comfortable.  Please let me know if you have any special needs or requests, and I look forward to meeting and working with you!   smugmug           

*Please take a moment and help me prepare for your session.

{Maternity Session Questionnaire}

Also: {Schedule Client Inquiry Questionnaire}

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