“I seriously LOVE the newest pictures {Elizabeth} took!  They are incredible. {Elizabeth} has such a talent.” -Amanda C.

Senior Sessions: Congratulations on your upcoming graduation from High School!  Thank you for choosing Lily Photography by Elizabeth to create a lasting expression of your defining adult portrait.  The Senior portrait session is dedicated to the individual, and allowing them to express their own personality and style.  

I want to create a beautiful, piece of art of your incredible Senior, that shows who they really are: their interests and how amazing, truly unique and beautiful they are!  The session is located in a location of your choice or in Elizabeth’s studio.

Tween Sessions: Let’s celebrate this season of life with a photo session with Lily Photography by Elizabeth!  The Tween age is all about Discovering Who You Are.  I want you help you to remember, how Exciting it can be to Figuring Out Who You Are and What You Love.  We will have Fun capturing the Amazing and Unique Personality of your Incredible Son or Daughter!  The session is located in a location of your choice or in Elizabeth’s studio.

 *FAQ’s for Senior/Tween Sessions:

 What should I wear?

Seniors: You can bring a formal outfit, a casual outfit, an outfit that you feel great in, and an outfit that represents your main interest (i.e. sports team, music, dance, cheer etc.).   I will help you choose, which outfits photograph best (if needed).

Tweens: You can bring 2-3 Outfits that show Who You Are and 1 Outfit to show What You Love {sports, music, cheer, dance etc}.   I will help you choose, which outfits photograph best (if needed).

 What should I bring?

Bring in some of your favorite things (musical instruments, books, sports equipment, letterman’s jacket, your pet, your best friend) to be included in the portraits.

 How long does the session last?

 Our sessions are never rushed, so you can be relaxed, at ease, have fun and be comfortable in showing your true self.  Sessions typically last from about 1 to 1 1/2 hours for Seniors and 45 minutes for Tweens.

 Please let me know if you have any special needs or requests, and I look forward to meeting and working with you!


*Please take a moment and help me prepare for your session.

{Tween/Senior Session Questionnaire}

Also: {Schedule Client Inquiry Questionnaire}

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