“I have two very young children and Elizabeth was incredibly patient with them.  My one year old son was not in a good mood … but somehow she still got amazing pictures of him individually and of our family!” -J. A. Rudolph Family

Children Sessions: Thank you for choosing Lily Photography by Elizabeth to create unique portraits of the extraordinary child(ren) in your life.  Each year in a child’s life is special and important, bringing with it, changes and milestones in their lives!  I know personally from having my babies, that you just want to hold onto each age, as long as possible.  You don’t want your child to grow up!  But by photographing them You Can hold onto their uniqueness! 

I want to help you remember your child just as they are…spunky, shy, outgoing, giggly, silly, sweet, and their beautiful little features.  I want to create gorgeous, tangible pieces of art that when you look at them; (when they have grown) it brings you back to when they were that small; and you will remember how they looked, and how it felt to hold your child, close in your arms.  

 *FAQ’s for Children Sessions:

 When should I schedule my session?

Each year; they are growing and changing, and it’s important to document in photos, their adorable changing faces and cute personalities!  

 How long does the session last?

It’s important to me that your child feel at ease, comfortable and has fun in the process of capturing some amazing images for you to treasure.  Being a mother of young children, and an aunt to many nieces and nephews, I have a great deal of experience and patience with children.  I have lots of secrets for working with children of every age.  Children sessions are never rushed, because I believe in capturing each child as an individual and showing off their own personality.  We take breaks when needed to help, if needed.  Sessions typically last about 1 hour. 

 What should my child wear?

In regards to your child’s apparel, think of the style of  portraits you would like, and choose clothing from there (you can bring 2-3 outfits).  I will help you choose, which outfits photograph best (if needed).  If there is more than one child, I recommend unifying their clothes. 

1. When deciding what to wear for family portraits pick out a bold pattern to start with, then add simple pops of color to support the outfit. The goal is to coordinate, not match.  2. The 3 color pop rule: Coordinate, do not match, meaning pick 3 colors and have everyone wear a variation of them!  I do have outfits, accessories, hats, and props that I will have available, to use for your child.   

 What should we bring?

You are encouraged to bring any special items that you would like to include with the portraits, such as blankets, toys, heirlooms, dress-up clothes etc; that are important to your child.

Please let me know if you have any special needs or requests, and I look forward to meeting and working with your child(ren)!


*Please take a moment and help me prepare for your session.

{Children Session Questionnaire}

Also: {Schedule Client Inquiry Questionnaire}

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