{Printing Guide}

So you’ve purchased a CD from Lily Photography by Elizabeth; with high-resolution breath-taking images, now in your hands.  Now what do you do?  Print them of course!  They aren’t going to do much for you; staying on the CD, sitting on your desk, or in your drawer.  You’ll get to Enjoy them so much more; beautifully decorating the walls, of your Home! 

1.  First, decide which Photos you would like to print.

2.  Next decide the Sizes that you want to Print them in.  To help you decide, think of where you want these photos to be displayed, and then choose the sizes based on that.  For example; if you want them displayed in your Main Living Area; choose Large Canvas Prints {24 x 30 or 30 x 40}.  If you want some to scrapbook or send to Family and Friends; choose Smaller Prints {5 x 7 or 8 x 10}.  You have to remember that Printing a Wall Gallery, with photos that compliment each other; would coordinate very well on the walls of your Home.  Measure your Walls, or hold a Cardboard Cutout {of the Sizes} up to your Walls; to get a feel of what kind of sizes would work well in that area of your Home.

3.  Now that you’ve chosen the Photos, and the Sizes to Print, make sure to do a Custom Crop in Photoshop; or when Ordering your Photos.  Make sure that you do this, because if you don’t; they could be cropped automatically by the Printer, in an odd, undesirable way, cropping off limbs, or the tops of heads.

4.  Then once you have that figured out; you need an online {or local} printing lab to print from.  Make sure that the Print Lab that you choose, has exceptional print quality!  As Labs vary greatly; in the end products that come from them.  They may appear printed substantially lighter, darker, off-colored or less-quality than the actual photo file itself.  So make sure that you are printing at a Lab with a Good Reputation for Professional Quality.  It does make a difference where you print!   A lab that I would suggest to you {for online printing} is: http://www.mpix.com/.  They offer: Professional Quality, Reasonable Prices, and Delivery to your Home.

5.  Are you feeling…Overwhelmed?  Frustrated?  Do you wish that I could do it all for you?  Email me with your request.  I would be more than happy to help you; with Printing Professionally Quality Images; Pricing found here.

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