{C’s 4 Year Old Session}

Hold him a little longer.  Rock him a little more. Read him another story.  You’ve only read him four. Let him sleep on your shoulder. Rejoice in his happy smile. He is only a little boy; for such a little while. We love you so much, our little man C.  We are blessed to have […]

{K’s 6 Year Old Session}

Our Sweet Daughter K: fills our lives with sunshine, and our hearts with love. Little Girls, are Heaven’s Flowers. Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice. No matter how many birthdays, come and go, you will always be my little girl! Happy Girl. Contagious Laughter. Joyful. We love you so much, our Precious little Girl!  You bring […]

{E’s 10 Year Old Session}

E:  You are growing into such a strong, helpful, handsome young man. It feels like only yesterday that we brought you home from the hospital! How has a decade of our lives together, gone by so quickly? Thank you for being you: amazing, full of energy, and smart. Don’t let anyone change who you are.  […]