“I LOVE all of the {newborn} pictures!  {Elizabeth is} so talented and we had SO much fun with {her}!” -A. S. Lester Family

Newborn Sessions: Congratulations on your new arrival and thank you for choosing Lily Photography by Elizabeth to create exceptional portraits for this special moment in time.  Newborn babies are so incredible!  They only stay so tiny and precious for a short amount of time; and it’s so important to capture all of the wonderful details about them; because they change so quickly!  I know personally from having my babies, that you just want to hold onto each stage, as long as possible.  You don’t want your baby to grow up!  But by photographing them You Can hold onto their uniqueness! 

I want to help you remember how your precious baby looked and their sweet, cuddly, tiny little features.  I want to create precious, tangible pieces of art that when you look at them; (when they have grown) it brings you back to when they were that tiny; and you will remember how they smelled, and how it felt to hold your darling, tiny baby in your arms.   

 *FAQ’s for Newborn Sessions:

 When should I schedule my session?

As soon as possible.  To maintain that sweet, special look, newborns photograph best before they are 2 weeks old (5-10 days, for a full-term baby) (but I can work with older newborns).  After about 2 weeks of age, most babies are more restless and do not sleep as deeply, and prefer to stretch out rather than curl up.  {With preemies, we go by their gestational age, meaning if they are born 5 weeks early, we wait until their “actual due date”, when they would have been full-term; before having their session.} 

 How long does the session last?

Newborns tend to set the tone of the session, but I am very flexible, and patient when working with them.  There will be plenty of time, during the session, to feed and change the baby (make sure you bring the necessary supplies).  Also make sure to bring baby in, with a full-stomach, and in a clean diaper, if possible.  Sessions typically last about 2 hours.  Because the baby needs to take a lot of breaks, to feed, be changed and snuggle.  For this reason, if other children will be included in the photos, make sure you have someone else bring them, so they can leave if necessary (Family portraits only last about 30 minutes during the session).

 What should my baby wear?

 In regards to your apparel, simplicity works best!  Think of the style of newborn portraits you would like, and choose your clothing from there.   Keep in mind that newborns do best with bare skin, but if you have a special outfit that you’d like them to wear, make sure that it doesn’t cover their face (I will help you choose, which outfits photograph best (if needed)).  The outfit that you bring baby in should be something easy to take off (and very loose, so it can prevent the red creases on baby’s skin), without disturbing your sleeping baby.  For this reason, also make sure diaper is loosened about 30 minutes before.  I do have outfits, wraps, accessories, hats, and props that I will use for your baby.  I recommend you bring long black shirts (for the parents, as an outfit change), because this helps baby stand out.  Because I do a lot of the portraits, with baby in bare skin, I ask that you bring extra shirts for the other family members, since there is a possibility of getting wet.     

What should we bring?

You are encouraged to bring any special items that you would like to include with the portraits, such as blankets, toys, heirlooms, etc; that are important to you and your child  Bring a pacifier, formula (if needed), diapers, wipes, etc. 

 I want you to be at ease and comfortable.  Your baby’s comfort is very important!  We heat or cool the studio, to suit your baby’s needs.  Being a parent of small children myself, I have a lot of experience with newborns, and I am also careful to keep very clean hands.  Please let me know if you have any special needs or requests, and I look forward to meeting you and your new little one!

*Please take a moment and help me prepare for your session.

{Newborn Baby Session Questionnaire}

Also: {Schedule Client Inquiry Questionnaire}

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