{Barbie Birthday Party {R’s 7th Birthday}}

We decided to have just a family party this year, for my daughter R’s 7th Birthday Party. We decorated with beautiful decorations.  We wanted to make it a special birthday for her.

R loves everything fancy and beautiful. So she wanted to have a Barbie Birthday.

We made a small Barbie Cake with a child-sized Barbie.  We ate R’s favorite requested food, Macaroni and Cheese.  We had snacks, treats, vegetables, fruits, drinks, and delicious food.  We drank our drinks using fun striped paper straws.

We played Musical Chairs, which was a big hit with our kiddos, using music from Pandora {genre chosen by our Birthday Girl}.

We also had Barbie Coloring pages for them to color.

We sang to R and she blew out her candles on her Barbie cake.

R opening some of her presents.

Our family loved celebrating R’s 7th birthday together.  We are so blessed to have this darling, enthusiastic girl in our family.  We love her so much!

Happy 7th Birthday to Our Sweet Princess R!

{Created in April 2013}

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