{Fabulous {Mother and Daughter} Fairy Tea Party!}

Fabulous Fairy Tea Party 2012 We had the amazing opportunity to attend our city’s annual Fairy Tea Party thrown by local Sororities, with all proceeds going to charities. We walked in and the girls got to choose their own

Fairy Wings, Wand and Crown to wear and were Sprinkled with Fairy Dust by the Fairy Queen. They had Fairy Book Story time (the Fairy Queen read 3-4 stories about Fairies with all of the little girls gathered around). There was fabulous decorations, all around the room; the perfect

atmosphere! We drank Fairy Tea (Herbal for Moms and Juice for the girls) all served with china tea kettles and drank in china tea cups. There was a wonderful assortment of food: 3 kinds of scones, cake pops, quiches, cucumber sandwiches (plus 3 other kinds of sandwiches), vegetables, fruit,

brownie pops etc. It was an amazing day full of such special fun for moms and daughters to share together. The girls even got goodie bags with treats, toys and prizes. We also got bags to take extra food home. It was such a lovely day!

Amazing Mother and Daughter Community Fairy Tea Party!  So Much Fun!

{Created in March 2012}

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