{Our Daughter K’s 5th Birthday}

We moved from Oregon to Idaho, exactly one week before our Daughter K’s 5th Birthday.  We have 5 out of our 7 birthdays in the early Fall.  That’s most of us. 🙂  K wanted a Macaroni and Cheese Dinner for her Birthday.  So despite, not completely being organized, and still in boxes, we had a fabulous birthday for our little miss K.

She LOVES the color PINK, so we had a lot of Pink accents.  But she especially wanted her Pink cherry cake, with cherries on top.  {Because of our recent move, we do not have our studio built yet, but we will be announcing (and posting pictures) when our studio is ready.  We’re so excited about it.}

K had a Fabulous birthday.  Luckily, I had already bought her presents before our move, so it made celebrating her Birthday a little easier.  We sang to her, and she blew out her candles, and she was so thrilled to open her presents.

We really wanted to make her day special for her, despite still living out of boxes.  We had an wonderful Birthday Celebration.  We are so blessed to have this amazing little girl in our family.  She is our giggly, happy little girl.  We all love her so much.  K had an awesome 5th Birthday.

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