{Mad Hatter Birthday Tea Party!}

Our Wonderful Ladies Organization at Church {Relief Society} celebrated it’s 172nd Birthday this year {established March 17, 1842}.  There are over 6 million members; of Relief Society, in over 170 countries, world wide.  To celebrate the 172nd Birthday; we had an Amazing Mad Hatter Birthday Tea Party.

       {The Menu} Included: Gourmet Cupcakes, Chicken Salad Sandwiches, Fruit Salad, Cucumber Tomato Bites, and fruit punch.

  There were 8 tables, Decorated with Different themes, all related to an Alice in Wonderland theme.

The Food was Delectable and Delicious; the Atmosphere was Incredible, and the Company was Enjoyable.

The Decorations were Perfectly Designed, and Beautifully Displayed.

There were Party Favors; in Little ‘Mad Hatter’ Hats; filled with treats and goodies.

The Activities included; Minute to Win it, M & M Questions {Different Colors: drawn for specific ‘Getting to Know You’ Questions}, and Have You Ever {Group Game: Switch sides of Room, if You Have or Haven’t}.

The Ambiance of the room was Glowing with twinkling lights; Chinese lanterns and flower poufs.

All of the Guests were invited to; and wore their Fabulous ‘Mad Hatter’ Hats, to the Tea Party.

The Decorations were so Whimsical and Fun; just like the Mad Hatter, himself.

This Table was So Perfect; with The Rabbit, Alice, and the Clock from Wonderland.

The Party was a Wonderful Night out; for all who came.

All of the Guests, had a Lovely and Wonderful Time.

We had a Fabulous Photo Booth; with Props and Fun {Photos taken by Me}.

The Mad Hatter Birthday Party; was an Amazing Night, Enjoyed by All!

{This Fabulous Party was orchestrated, by the Relief Society Board.}

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