{Newborn Baby M and Family Session}

Sweet Newborn Baby M snuggled into his warm blanket, and fell fast asleep.Newborn M’s family, loves every tiny detail about him! Mama Adrienne and Daddy Danny are beyond thrilled, to welcome Newborn Baby M to their happy little family!Newborn M is such a sweet little baby, cuddled up in a vintage trunk.Big Brother M is so excited, to finally have a Baby Brother of his very own! Newborn Baby M, is a precious little bundle of joy!Brothers are the Best!  They are doubly blessed!Newborn Baby M prepares to go fight crime, with his Super Hero friends.Newborn Baby M, is a handsome little man.Villain {the puppy} is also happy, to welcome Newborn M into the family!Adrienne and Danny are so happy with their new bundle of sweetness.Welcome to the World: Handsome, little Newborn Baby M to your gorgeous family!

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