{Baby H’s 1 year Session}

A wee bit of Heaven, drifted down from above… a handful of Happiness… a heart full of Love. The largest of Blessings; are those that are Small. Sweet Baby H, enjoyed eating her delectable 1st Birthday Cake. A Baby is a Blessing.  A Gift from Heaven above; A precious little angel, to cherish and to […]

{Family B Session}

Family B held tightly onto one another’s hands; and moved forward into their wonderful lives together. They were ecstatic to welcome the newest member into their family: Adorable Newborn Baby A. As they huddled close to each other; they could feel their beautiful relationships growing stronger. As Troy affectionately kissed Kristy’s head; she in turn […]

{Baby H {8 months} Session}

Precious little Baby H, can stand on her own; holding onto the yellow chair.Baby H sits pretty, in her lovely vintage carriage.Baby H is so excited to be big enough, to stand while holding on!Baby H crawls across the floor, and gives a beautiful smile.Baby H is learning new skills, like standing, and growing every […]

{Child C {3 year} Session}

Child C is smiling sweetly, for his happy Mama.He is a ball full of energy, and keeps the session lively!Child C is such a happy little man!He enjoys smiling {lucky for me!}, and showing off his adorable double dimples.We love his bright red hair, which is very striking in these photos.He is wearing his Favorite […]