{Family B Session}

Family B held tightly onto one another’s hands; and moved forward into their wonderful lives together.

They were ecstatic to welcome the newest member into their family: Adorable Newborn Baby A.

As they huddled close to each other; they could feel their beautiful relationships growing stronger.

As Troy affectionately kissed Kristy’s head; she in turn gave some sweet love to Baby A.

Baby A was so happy to be safe in Mommy’s arms, and to have some fun playtime with Daddy.

Big Sister T was thrilled to finally have a Baby Sister of her very own.

Little Man A loved snuggling with his Mama; and playing with her necklace.

Newborn Baby A was so excited to be apart of her Loving Family.

Their dog Sunny, wandered in and out of the outdoor photos; wondering if she was the star of the show yet.

Mama Kristy and Daddy Troy’s hearts and hands are full, with 4 kids, ages 5 and under.

2 thoughts on “{Family B Session}

  1. These are beautiful! My very favorite is the one of dad kissing mom’s head and mom kissing baby’s head. So perfect and precious and beautiful. Good job.

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