{Baby H’s Cookies and Cocoa 1st Birthday Party!}

We had an Amazing Celebration for Baby H’s 1st Birthday Party,that we celebrated over Christmas Break;

with a Fabulous {Cookies and Cocoa} theme.

We made four different kinds of cookies for the party: {Chocolate Chip}, {Pumpkin}, {Kiss}, and {Sugar}.  My amazing Mom helped us make them!  🙂  We also took part of the {Chocolate Chip} dough and made it into a small cake, just for Baby H.

With the delicious four kinds of cookies, we also had a fabulous Cocoa Bar, with all of the yummy fixings: cocoa, {hot water}, cinnamon, peppermint marshmallows, candy canes, chocolate chips, crushed chocolate mints, colorful sprinkles, whipped creme, etc.

    Daddy helped an excited Baby H look over her amazing Cookies and Cocoa Bar!

Baby H was so excited to celebrate her 1st Birthday, with some of her wonderful Family Members.    We were thrilled to celebrate her 1st Birthday party together!  Baby H was so happy to have her very own cake.

Happy 1st Birthday Baby H!  We all love you! 🙂

We sang “Happy Birthday” to her; but Baby H didn’t know what to do with the candles {of course-she’s only 1!}.

So Daddy and her siblings helped Baby H learn how to blow out her candles.  Next she loved her first taste of her delicious cookie cake!

We celebrated her 1st Birthday at my parents house {we were there for Christmas break}.

Then Baby H was excited to open her presents with her Mommy!

Baby H was happy to receive many generous gifts.

Baby H loves her new “Baby” doll.  She had an Amazing 1st Birthday Party!

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