{60th Surprise Birthday Party for Mom}

We decided to throw my Mom a Surprise Birthday Party for her 60th Birthday this year, {like we did for my Dad 4 years ago}.  So my 6 Siblings, Our Spouses {and Dad} and I got together, and planned it out.  We decided that we would work together; and each of us would be in charge of different parts of the party.  That way, it would be easier on everyone to split up the assignments.  Our Mom’s favorite Color is Yellow and She Loves Charlie Brown and Snoopy; so we wanted to plan the theme around those.

We had Four Gorgeous, Scrumptious Cakes: Lemon, Red Velvet, Carrot, Dark Chocolate.

That were as Delectable, as they were Beautiful.

We decorated with Yellow, Grey, White, and Black Colors.

We arrived early, so we could have it perfectly decorated before she arrived; and we could all surprise her together.

We also decorated with Charlie Brown and Snoopy accents.

We reserved a room at our Church; to have this Special Occasion.

My Dad and Brother Tom, were in charge of getting her there.  That was a challenge, but they handled it perfectly.

When she walked in and saw all of us, with her Beautifully Decorated Birthday Party;

{we shouted: “Surprise!  Happy Birthday!!”} she was so happy, moved and very touched that we had done this for her.

My Mom is one of the Most Unselfish people that I know; and it was So Rewarding for us to have this Party for her.

My Wonderful Parents; Celebrating my Mom’s Birthday together.

We had a Gourmet Menu for Dinner: Apricot Chicken, Pasta Alfredo, a Salad Bar, and Lemon Water.

It was So Delicious!

We enjoyed Celebrating Our Mom’s 60th Birthday together; as a Family.

While we enjoyed the Delicious Food; Everyone asked Our Mom/Grandma Questions about

her Childhood, and Wisdom that she has learned in her Life.  It was very Special.

Then we Each took Our turn to say The Special and Wonderful things; that we

all Love and Appreciate about Our Mom/Wife/Grandma/Mother-in-law.  She was very touched by that.

Then we sang “Happy Birthday” to Our Mom;  and enjoyed eating the Delectable Cakes.

We all loved being together; and Celebrating Our Mom’s 60th Birthday.  We love you Mom! 🙂

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