{3 month Baby L and Family Session}

A Happy Family; is but an earlier Heaven.

A Baby is a Blessing.  A gift from Heaven above; A precious little Angel, to Cherish and to Love.

Big Sister K is so excited to finally have a Baby Brother; of her very own.

As Family L looked down at their Precious New Baby L; they felt their family love, growing stronger.

Let Him Sleep: For when He Wakes, He will Move Mountains.

A Daughter is a Miracle; that never ceases to be Miraculous.  

Heaven Sent: A gift of Love from up Above.

The Largest of Blessings: Are those that are Small.

My fingers might be Small: But I’ve got Daddy and Mommy wrapped around them all.

First we had Each other, then we had You, Now we have Everything.

Mama Monica Adores this Sweet Little Boy.

Sometimes the Smallest things, take up the Most Room in Your Heart.

Handsome Baby L and his Beautiful Family.

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