{Our Son E’s 9th Birthday}

We moved from Oregon to Idaho 4 days before our son E’s 9th Birthday.  So we tried our best to give him the best Birthday ever, despite, still being in boxes and being a little unorganized (as you can imagine, immediately after moving).  He wanted to have a Breakfast dinner for his birthday, so we had pancakes and bacon.

Luckily, I had already bought all of his presents, so it made the move transition to Birthday party a little easier.  We had an amazing birthday celebration with E for his 9th Birthday.

We had a lovely Birthday Breakfast party with E for his 9th Birthday.  Because of moving 4 days earlier, we had boxes everywhere. But it’s very important to me to have our children’s birthday on their actual birthdays, and make them feel very special.  So we had our celebration anyway, even with boxes decorating our apartment.

Because of our recent move, we do not have our studio built yet, but we will be announcing (and posting pictures) when our studio is ready.  We’re so excited about it.  E had an amazing birthday celebration, and we are so happy to have this special little boy in our family.  It was a wonderful day.  We love our little man.

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