{Our Son C’s 3rd Birthday}

We celebrated our son C’s 3rd birthday, about 3 weeks after moving from Oregon to Idaho.  He requested pizza for his Birthday party.  We wanted to make his day very special for him. We sang to him, and he was extra eager to blow out his candles, so we had to do that twice. 🙂  […]

{Our Son E’s 9th Birthday}

We moved from Oregon to Idaho 4 days before our son E’s 9th Birthday.  So we tried our best to give him the best Birthday ever, despite, still being in boxes and being a little unorganized (as you can imagine, immediately after moving).  He wanted to have a Breakfast dinner for his birthday, so we […]

{E’s Dinosaur {8th} and K’s Fairy {4th} Birthday Parties}

Happy Birthday to Our Little Prince E {8th} and Our Little Princess K {4th}! Dinosaur Birthday Party for E and Fairy Princess Birthday Party for K. {Created in September 2012}