{Our Son C’s 3rd Birthday}

We celebrated our son C’s 3rd birthday, about 3 weeks after moving from Oregon to Idaho.  He requested pizza for his Birthday party.  We wanted to make his day very special for him.

We sang to him, and he was extra eager to blow out his candles, so we had to do that twice. 🙂  He enjoyed having a German chocolate cake (I love his messy chocolate face!), and was so excited to open his presents. {Because of our recent move, we do not have our studio built yet, but we will be announcing (and posting pictures) when our studio is ready.  We’re so excited about it.}

C had a wonderful 3rd birthday party.  We are so happy to have this sweet, adorable, energetic little man in our family.  We love him so much.  C had an amazing 3rd Birthday celebration.  We all had fun, making his 3rd birthday very special for him.

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