{C’s 4th Birthday Celebration}

We celebrated our son C’s 4th Birthday; by having a Birthday Barbeque (per C’s request), with Hot Dogs, Watermelon and Homemade Potato Salad. It was yummy.

We had an orange carrot cake, (his favorite color is orange), and sang “Happy Birthday to you” to C. He loved it, blew out his candles, and ate the first bite of his orange cake.

Then he opened his presents, and C loved them!  It’s always fun to watch their excited expression, as they are opening their new, fun treasures and surprises!

Another Birthday surprise for C, was that he was able to go to his Mommy’s (my) ultrasound. Afterwards he said, “I’m getting a baby brother for my birthday!” It was very exciting for him (to find out which gender his new sibling would be), on his special day!

Happy 4th Birthday to our handsome little man C!  He really loved his new piggy bank.

May the Joy that you have been in our lives, come back to you on this special day! We wish you a very Happy Birthday!

We decorated with blue and yellow pouf balls, colorful pennant banners, pumpkins, and a blue tablecloth.  C’s favorite color is orange, so he really wanted his cake to be orange (we had a carrot cake). He also calls his hair orange, even though his Mommy calls it red. 😉

Sending wonderful Birthday wishes, for your special day!  We love our little man C, so much!  We are so happy to have this helpful, spunky, happy, little boy in our family!

Our son C, had a very special 4th Birthday!

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