{E’s 10th Birthday Celebration}

We celebrated our son E’s 10th Birthday. We made him a special breakfast, before school. We put up special decorations, the night before, of banners, puff balls, and awesome decorations for his birthday. We took cupcakes to school for his birthday. They sang to him there.

We were in transition, moving into our new home a few days before his birthday; so we kept it simple. After school, we ate a special dinner with him, Eggo waffles with fruit and whipped creme, and bacon (as requested). We also had a Dairy Queen m&m icecream cake, and we sang to him “Happy Birthday”.

E blew out the candles, and ate some of his cake. The kids always want to make sure that the birthday child gets “the first bite” on all of the birthdays, so he did. It was very yummy.

Today you are YOU, that is truer than TRUE. There is NO ONE alive, who is YOUER than YOU! ~Dr. Seuss

Then he opened his presents. He was so excited and loved them!

We have a tradition, where we take pictures of us, (the parents), with each of our children on their birthday.  We love our handsome little man E!  We are so happy to have this helpful, sweet, fun little guy in our family.

Our son E had a wonderful 10th Birthday Celebration!

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