{E’s 7th Cars Birthday Party}

We had a Disney’s Cars themed 7th Birthday Party, for our Son E.

My handy honey, Mark made a Car track for the Kids to race their cars {we let each Guest choose a Hot Wheels, toy car to keep} on.  The Kids were very excited and creative, and lined up together, to make a Tunnel, {with their legs}, for the cars to go through.

We had a Pinata {made by E’s Uncle Troy}, of Batman, that all of the Kids enjoyed whacking, to try to get the prizes to come out.

After all of the Guests, whacked the Pinata, the Prizes and Candy came out, for the Kids to gather and enjoy.

E’s fun Uncle Glen, came Dressed as a Clown and made Balloon animals, and swords for all of the Guests.  It was great!

We fed the Guests: Cheese Pizza, Fresh Vegetables, and Watermelon.  It was delicious!

Next we went inside, and sang “Happy Birthday” to E, and he blew out the candles on his awesome Cars Cake.

Then Friends and Family, gathered around E; as he Opened his Very Cool Birthday Presents.

We gave each Guest, a Treat Bag, to take Home.  We also had Cars Coloring Pages, for the Guests to Color.

  Happy 7th Birthday, to Our Handsome Little Man E!

{Created in September 2011}

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