{Princess R’s Rapunzel 5th Birthday Party}

For our Daughter R’s 5th Birthday Party, we had a Rapunzel themed Celebration.

R was so excited to have her Friends and Family, join her for her special day {uh-oh! she cut her own bangs, a couple days earlier}.

We sang R “Happy Birthday” and she blew out her candles, on her Fabulous Cake.

We Decorated our Home with Balloons and Streamers.

We ate delectable Cake and Icecream.  I drew a Flynn Rider Wanted Poster for a Game, for the Party.

We played a Hilarious Game called Pin the Frying Pan on Flynn Rider.  Like in the movie, they are trying to whack Flynn Rider on the head with the frying pan {only they play it blind folded}.

After they played the Flynn Rider Game, we all went outside for an Easter Egg Hunt {because Our Daughter R’s Birthday falls, around Easter time}.  The Kids all had a Blast running around the yard {with a bag} and finding plastic eggs, filled with goodies.

The Kids had so much fun, with their Friends and Family, Celebrating R’s Special day.

Next they all gathered around R, as she opened her Beautiful Birthday Gifts.

We had fun Rapunzel Coloring Sheets, for the Guests to Color.  They enjoyed decorating them.  R loved dressing up like Rapunzel, complete with a long blonde wig.

It was a lovely party; full of giggles and happiness.

We gave each Guest, a Treat Bag, to take Home.  Happy 5th Birthday, Princess R!

{Created in April 2011}

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