{Super Hero E’s 6th Birthday Party}

For our Son E’s 6th Birthday Party, we had a Super Hero / Transformer theme.  It was awesome.

We Decorated the inside of Our Home, with streamers and balloons.  We bought an awesome Optimus Prime Pinata, for the party.

The kids Dressed-up in Super Hero Costumes.  They enjoyed hitting the Transformer Pinata, to try to get the candy out.

We let E hit the Pinata one last time {after everyone had a chance}, without a blindfold and he cracked it open.

E’s fun Uncle Glen; offered to come Dressed-up like a Clown and make Balloon animals, for all of the Guests.  It was so awesome!

The Kids really enjoyed telling Clown Glen; which animals, or swords that they wanted him to make them.  Very fun!

E really enjoyed having his Friends and Family; there to celebrate with him.

Next, we had a Treasure Hunt, with Clues, that led the Kids all over the Backyard, to more clues.

The Kids had a lot of Fun, being led around the yard, to find all of the Clues.

The Treasure Hunt, was loads of fun!  The Clues were Simple, yet Challenging enough, to help them think, it through.

Finally they were so excited, to find the Treasure!  {Which was their Treat Bags to take home.}

At the beginning of the party, we watched a short Super Hero Cartoon.

Next, we came inside and sang “Happy Birthday” to E and he blew out the candles.

We ate Cake and Icecream and then watched E, open his Awesome Presents.

Happy 6th Birthday, to our Handsome Little Man E!

{Created in September 2010}

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