{Princess R’s Rapunzel 5th Birthday Party}

For our Daughter R’s 5th Birthday Party, we had a Rapunzel themed Celebration. R was so excited to have her Friends and Family, join her for her special day {uh-oh! she cut her own bangs, a couple days earlier}. We sang R “Happy Birthday” and she blew out her candles, on her Fabulous Cake. We […]

{Super Hero E’s 6th Birthday Party}

For our Son E’s 6th Birthday Party, we had a Super Hero / Transformer theme.  It was awesome. We Decorated the inside of Our Home, with streamers and balloons.  We bought an awesome Optimus Prime Pinata, for the party. The kids Dressed-up in Super Hero Costumes.  They enjoyed hitting the Transformer Pinata, to try to […]

{Princess R’s Dress-up 4th Birthday Party}

We celebrated Our Daughter R’s 4th Birthday; with a Dress-up Princess Party.  We started the party with her Mama {me}, helping the Children get Dressed-up {if needed}, and put Simple Make-up {Glitter Eye Shadow, Lipgloss, Blush, and Nail Polish} on the Girls.  They loved dressing up and having make-up put on them!   We listened […]